LaunchPad is available in two forms to fit every situation. If you are a professional team, minor league, collegiate facilty, or high school, the LaunchPad platform can deliver the features you need at cost to fit your budget.



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Supports Live Video In/Out Yes NO
Supports Live Video Switching Yes - Up to 4 Sources NO
Maximum number of channels 5 3
Output Formats Combinations of DVI/HDMI, HD-SDI (Single or Dual Channel) HDMI
Max Pixels 4 Million 900 Thousand
Keying Options Single or Dual Channel SDI Key&Fill, Chroma-Keying, or Native Live Video Ingest Chroma-Keying
Real-Time Data Inputs Yes
XML Sources Yes
Advertising Tracking and Reporting Yes Yes
Crowd Prompts and Headshots Clips Yes Yes
Scoring Automation - Automatic clip triggering and Graphics Rules for bug graphics Yes Yes
External Automation - External clip triggering, Variable updates, inventory querying via TCP External Control API Yes Yes
Audio Out Yes
Balanced, Unbalanced or Embedded SDI
Supports Pixel Remapping (Ring, Ribbon, Fascia, ScoreTable style displays) Yes Yes
Remote Triggering from a separate LaunchPad PRO Yes Yes
Physical Form 4RU Rack Chassis 1RU Rack Chassis
Storage 1TB Solid State RAID10 256GB Solid State Drive
Operating System 64 Bit, Windows 10 IOT LTSC 64 Bit, Windows 10 IOT LTSC
Warranty 1 Year - Includes nights and weekend support 1 Year - Business Hours Support
TouchScreen Optional Optional
Spec Sheet LaunchPad 2.5 Pro Sales Sheet LaunchPad 2.5 Mini Sales Sheet
Launchpad Remote Control
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