LaunchPad - The Most Flexible System Available

Every year, sports fans expect more from venues and teams: more LED screens, more information, more entertainment!  

Trusted since 2008 by the largest teams in collegiate and professional sports, MotionRocket LaunchPad gives you the power needed to Engage Fans and generate advertising revenue.


Key Features

MotionRocket LaunchPad sports video control system provides the most features at the best value.  


Use our Virtual Scoreboard interface to show in-game data, statistics, close captioning text, running jackpots, and more!


Connect MotionRocket LaunchPad to new or existing LED displays from almost any manufacturer. Use it for suites TVs, web streaming equipment over DVI and HD-SDI.


Synch playback across multiple channels, multiple screens, and multiple servers.


Playback and Track Advertising. Generate proof of play reports from your phone or tablet.


Use Advanced Automation to let MotionRocket LaunchPad react to changes in the game, saving you time and staff resources.


Ensure your success! Use a second LaunchPad as a backup if an emergency strikes.


Room to Grow! LaunchPad can grow with your venue. Multiple LaunchPad servers work together when needed or act as independent servers.


Best for Your Business

LaunchPad is designed from the ground up to save and earn you money. You can do more with our software on a single server installation than other options, saving you on equipment and staff.

LaunchPad does not tie you a particular LED screen or scoring vendor — you can choose your screen and even upgrade to something different in the future.

Lowest initial cost and lowest long term cost of ownership. We make it easy to get started with LaunchPad by offering the PRO and MINI versions.

Servers getting old? Transfer your software to new hardware at fraction of the original cost!


Technical Superiority

LaunchPad leverages several technical solutions not used in competing products in several ways. A single server running LaunchPad can act as a SDI server in either pass-through mode or in dual channel key & fill. You can even run it as a DVI server running ribbon, fascia and scoretable displays. You can even display live video on the SDI and DVI outputs! And non-standard aspect ratios are handle via a WYSIWYG interface - no more pre-scaling videos.

Speaking of video, LaunchPad works with more video formats than the competition, including H.264 and full support for alpha transparency. This boosts your workflow with less prep time than ever before!

The LaunchPad system even has customized brightness controls to balance all of your screens - regardless of vendor. Includes both daytime and nighttime profiles to automate brightness effortlessly!

Audio handling is also better - the MotionRocket system includes a transformer that can embed audio in the SDI stream or bring it in via the audio port and convert it to balanced mono output.

Also included is the ability to control all your moving lights or control external equipment with custom TCP/UDP commands.