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LaunchPad™ Clip Server / LED Display Controller

  • How many channels does LaunchPad™ support?
  • LaunchPad™ PRO can control 10 separate outputs. However, each output can be rendered into multiple output areas providing control for virtual master/clone display configurations. Each output has four individually controllable layers which means that Live video can be running with an overlay playlist with realtime data and be covered with a spirit clip without interrupting the other layers.
  • Can multiple LaunchPad™ work together?
  • LaunchPad provides Remote Buttons which are used to control other LaunchPad™ servers. Remote Buttons and normal buttons can be linked and triggered to run simultaneously across servers.
  • How many clips are supported?
  • The number of buttons per page changes based upon the UI monitor's resolution. Using 1280x1024 as an example, there are five pages of 40 buttons totaling 200 buttons. However, a button page can be saved and called up at any time, so there is no limit to the number of buttons you can create. The default system has a media partition of just less than 1TB, so there is a limit based on file sizes.
  • Can I play sound files?
  • WAV and MP3 files can be added to a button just like any other piece of media. The Audio clips can also be included in a playlist.
  • Can I capture live video?
  • LaunchPad™ PRO can capture SD and HD SDI with the addition of a capture card to the basic configuration.
  • Does LaunchPad™ support external data sources?
  • Yes, LaunchPad™ currently supports external data sources like Static Scoreboard consoles from OES Scoreboards, Daktronics, Fair-Play, and others can be added as needed. Also, LaunchPad™ can read from XML data sources provided by Stat-Crew Software and even Pitch Speed guns. Any external source can be added as needed by the customer.
  • Does LaunchPad™ support transitions?
  • Content can be presented with more than 18 Transitions with 41 Easing Curves and custom duration.
  • What file formats does LaunchPad™ support?
  • We prefer compressed H.264 or MPG4. If alpha-transparency is required (such as in a lower-third animation) then use QuickTime RLE, huffYUV, or Largarith (since these support Millions+ colors). This is true for any of our outputs (such as SDI, DVI, Ribbons, etc). No uncompressed files are needed. If the video has an audio track, use AAC audio format. Data rates will vary, but should be kept around 8-12 Mbps. Image formats supported are JPG, BMP, and PNG (with alpha-transparency support for PNG).
  • What size should I create my content?
  • It is always best to create content to the size of the output you intend on playing on. Even if the output is HD-SDI, if the content is not going to a TV, create it the size of the final output LED screen.
  • What should I know about designing content for fascia/ribbon screens?
  • LaunchPad will automatically "tile" content for ribbons, ring, fascia boards. This means a video or image can be created as a small, 64x64 px clip and the software will repeat it as many times as it can across the long display. This helps to keep file sizes small and helps the artist by not requiring they work in unusual palette sizes. Example: LED screen 6,400x64px
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